Every year, the ReMax Office in Fort Collins: 1018 Centre Ave Fort Collins, CO 80526 puts on an incredible free show for the local community at the Museum of Discovery in Old Town. Geared specifically towards younger families, ReMax opens up the Otterbox Digital Dome Theater with 3 showings on a Saturday night in February. This year, the Theater showed:


CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story, One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure, Explore, Dream to Fly, Experience the Aurora & The Sun, Our Living Star.

Fort Collins Digital Dome PartnershipBuilt on expanding children’s wonder and the desire to grow of our expanding universe, the Digital Dome puts on a 30-minute educational and incredibly entertaining documentary kids of all ages will enjoy. 


Anchor Roofing has been honored to serve many of the agents at the ReMax office in Fort Collins for the past several years and were thankful to be invited as the primary sponsor for the event. So we jumped at the chance right away!


These events not only are great for getting out in the community to engage with homeowners throughout Fort Collins, but they’re especially important to help build a relational connection with the community. 


One of Anchor Roofing’s core values is to be invested in the Northern Colorado community. We don’t want to be “another roofing” but rather a local business that puts its money and time where its mouth is. So partnering with ReMax in Fort Collins was an easy decision because they share the same set of values driving their business. 


Thank you, Greg Ranson and the rest of the ReMax team for inviting us and allowing us to co-sponsor the ReMax Digital Dome Movie Night this year! We look forward to many opportunities to come to serve the community of Fort Collins with you.