Anchor Roofing is a Key Contributor for Commercial Roofing in Northern Colorado.

At Anchor Roofing, we pride ourselves on serving the Northern Colorado Business Community for their Commercial Roofing Needs. That’s why we’ve developed a Comprehensive Roofing Projection Report after the inspection of your building. This Projection Report will deliver the level of professionalism and excellence you’d expect from a company who will complete your commercial roofing project.


Every Commercial Roofing Project has different needs, timeline, and objectives. That’s why we’ve created our Comprehensive Roofing Projection Report outlining:

Date-stamped assessment of general roof conditions

5 year timeline report detailing the most urgent needed to be completed on your own along with the areas that can waiting 3-5 years before replacement.

Full replacement needs compared to simple roofing repairs

An honest assessment with realistic & competitive pricing options.